Outdoors, Lifestyles and Light

January 19, 2014 No Comments

Last week, our good friend Matt Gawronski came out to spend a couple weeks with Angel and I in Bozeman, MT. Matt is is one of those natural athletes – hockey, soccer, snowboarding, ultimate frisbee – and an all-around charismatic guy. As a fellow outdoor enthusiast, we obviously enjoyed several mountain hikes together and, of course, lugged our camera gear along the way.

We didn’t have anything specific in mind to photograph, but refused to be caught without a camera. A few miles in, and I spotted the shot. The late morning light was coming through a quiet grove of lodge pole pines. It was illuminating off the surrounding snow, which acted as a giant reflector, perfectly balancing the light on Matt.

There is simply no substitute for good, natural light.

Outdoors, Lifestyles and Light

There is simply no substitute for good, natural light. You can control it all you want in a studio, but nine times out of ten, it can still be identified as a studio shot. I love how this photo captures the perfect light we experienced, and how it is a great representation of Matt – an outdoor, active lifestyle enthusiast. And a great smile to bring it all together!

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