The Ever-Unique Portrait

April 6, 2014 No Comments

The more I photograph portraits, the more I’ve come to love how unique every photo session is. This was taken on a sunny, chilly and very windy evening this winter in Montana. We decided to drive around, scout out some good photo locations and snap a few shots in the process. After only a few minutes out of the shelter of the car, we realized just how windy it was that evening. But we brought our cameras, and I couldn’t bring myself to leave without taking at least one photo.

I wasn’t expecting to come home with a handful of great photos, but I was pleased to see how the few quick shots turned out. A perfect example of how every portrait shoot is different. The angle and quality of light, the unique expressions and perfect moments. How a wildly windy day can make for a photo that depicts just that. That’s the beauty of outdoor portraiture. Unlike an iconic landscape on a sunny day, you never quite know what you’ll capture, but you can be sure it will be unique to that person, that place and that moment.

The Ever-Unique Portrait

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