Moraine Lake, Banff National Park

September 27, 2015 2 Comments

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park

The Canadian Rockies. Breathtaking, majestic and humbling are a few words that come to mind when thinking about the adventure that my wife, Angel, and I took to Banff National Park.

Sunrise photoshoots, although often difficult to commit to from the comfort of your bed, are never a disappointment. Our headlights lit up the darkness as we navigated a winding road up to Moraine Lake. The air was still, peaceful and surprisingly chilly for August. We found our way to the top of the rock pile that overlooks this magnificent lake, set up our camera and waited for our moment.

As the sun slowly rose , it started to illuminate the rugged mountains that make up the Valley of the Ten Peaks, one by one they began to glow bright with the sun’s fiery rays. And within minutes, the glowing peaks all gave way to the fully risen morning sun.

The contrasting color that occurs from the silt (or rock flour) in the water and the burning sun makes this one of our favorite sunrise spots to date. Breathtaking, majestic and humbling.

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Bozeman Magazine, June 2014

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Landscapes Don’t Smile

April 14, 2013 No Comments

When I got started in photography, I avoided photographing people for a very long time. I focused only on still life and landscapes. Subjects that sat still while I fine-tuned composition and manipulated camera settings.

Landscapes Don't Smile

After meeting my Angel, I slowly stepped out of my comfort zone. I had a subject to experiment on that not only knew what I was doing but knew what I needed to learn. Angel taught me to see and anticipate the expressions that makes good portraiture both challenging and rewarding. There is rarely sufficient time to question composition or camera settings when a moment unfolds.

Angel taught me to see and anticipate the expressions that makes good portraiture both challenging and rewarding.

This photo was taken on our Honeymoon in June, 2012. We took an afternoon walk along the beach, cameras slung over our shoulders. As we approached a small bungalow, I knew there would be nice diffused light among the wind-blown linens. I also knew I would only have a split second to capture the look I wanted. Situations and shots like this highlight the importance of anticipating your moment and knowing your camera. Two things you’re often not challenged to do with static subjects.

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